Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shades of Gray

We look at the world through the colors that says black is black
and white is white
But why is there now a shade of gray for some?
It used to be so simple then.
People see the colors clearly through their naked eyes.
They see the lush colored green of the verdant forest
And the shimmering blue of the raging ocean.
They see the flaming orange of sunset as it recedes from
the sky
But why do we see the dull colors of the paler shades of gray?

Things were much simpler before.
We see the red bravery of our soldiers who fought valiantly
for flag and country.
We see the rose color tinge of lovers in love, their hearts filled
with the wonders of love.
We see the black shadow of death in the night as life ebbs
from a dying man's body,
But why would the lifeless and dull shades of gray linger on
the lives of so many souls?
Gray is the epitome of a tarnished soul where conscience is
seared and is heard no more.
So people lost their sense of right or wrong, of black or white.
They mixed the two colors to come up with the palest
shades of gray.

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