Thursday, April 29, 2010

Linda Blondheim- Upcoming Comtemporary ArtistAdventures in Painting with Artist Linda Blondheim I enjoyed the view while painting at Epcot for the In

My Yard - 12" x 16"- oil on panel- $ 250.00 USD

Wood Farm- 12" x 16"- oil on panel- $ 250.00 USD

Sunset Palms- 14" x 18"- oil on panel- $ 250.00 USD

Sand Lake Palm Hammock- 12" x 16"- acrylic on panel

Salt Springs Run- 12" x 16"- acrylic on masonite panel

River Palms- 12" x 16"- oil on panel

Wekiva Trees- 12" x 16"- oil on panel- $ 250.00 USD

Lake Path- 12" x 16"- oil on panel

Port St. Joe Palms- 12" 16"- oil on masonite panel

Ozello- 12" x 16" - oil on panel- $ 250.00 USD

North Carolina- 12" x 16"- acrylic on panel- $ 250.00 USD

Myakka- 12" x 16"- oil on panel- $ 250.00 USD

Paynes Prairie Palms- 12" x 16" - acrylic on panel

Lake Prevatt- 12" x 16"- oil on masonite panel

Historic District- 18" x 24"- acrylic on stretched canvas- $ 250.00 USD

Farm Trees- 12" x 16" - oil on masonite panel

Evening Trees - 12" x 16" - oil on panel- unframed- $ 250.00 USD

Estuary - 8" x 10" - oil on panel

Dead Trees - 12" x 16" - oil on panel - unframed

Downtown- 18" x 24" - acrylic on canvas- unframed - $ 250.00 USD

Adventures in Painting with Artist Linda Blondheim

I enjoyed the view while painting at Epcot for the International Flower and Garden Festival in 2010

Here I am in the Canada Pavilion with my friend DJ. at Epcot 2010

It's too bad I'm too dignified to have any fun!!

Artist Bio

Linda Blondheim lives in Gainesville, Florida and works primarily in acrylics and oils. Linda is a listed artist with Art Price, Ask Art The American Artist Bluebook, and Marquis Who's Who in American Art. She has a museum history in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia and is gallery represented in Florida, and Alabama.

Linda's work is often described as painterly or representational painting. Sometimes she is referred to as a representational expressionist or American Impressionist. She enjoys plein air painting Fall through Spring, during the mild Florida climate, and enjoys traveling throughout the South to capture the beauty found in each state. Some of Linda's work is done en plein air; but, she also enjoys working from plein air studies and photographs to complete larger works in the studio. Her paintings are found in private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

Linda earned a BFA from the University of Tampa, studied post Bac at University of South Florida and has been painting for 30 years. She is a co-founding member of Plein Air Florida, Plein Air Georgia, Alabama Plein Air Artists and Fresh Air.


Linda Blondheim specializes in nature paintings. Her artworks abound with different colors and moods of mother nature. She is a prolific painter whose inventory of paintings are numerous. There is a refreshing approach in her style as she communes with mother nature while she paints her masterpieces. Her volumes of artworks are truly collector's items.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Linda Hammelman- Upcoming Contemporary Artist

White Peony - 13" x 13" - watercolor

Winter Road - 11" x 14" - watercolor

Montana Sunset

Snow in Michigan - 15" x 20" - watercolor

Selkirk Rockies Mountains - 11" x 14" - watercolor

Red Roses on Teal

Pomegranates and a Pear

Pink Tulips - 11" x 14" - watercolor

Peaches, Peaches - 11" x 14" - original watercolor

Purple and Yellow Iris - Original watercolor painting
15" x 20" - $55.00 usd

Hardware Store

A Lane in Georgia


Daffodils VIII

Coconuts up the Gravois

A Winter Day - 11" x 14" watercolor

Linda Hammelman

Personal Profile-

Linda Hammelman

About Me

Linda Hammelman is a native Missourian who has lived in Texas, Iowa, and Virginia and is now at home again in St. Louis. She holds the position of Director and Treasurer of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society. She has studied watercolor with Christopher Schenk, Carl Dalio, Pat Deadman, Joe Fettingis, Judi Betts, Frank Francese, Carol Carter, Hilary Page, Gerald Brommer, Don Getz, Don Andrews, Ted Minchin, Skip Lawrence, John Salminen and others. The colorful, splashy, energetic quality of watercolor appeals to Linda. Her favorite subjects reflect her interest in boating, flowers, people and places. She has received numerous awards and is a signature member of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society.

My Blogs

Team Members

Visual Artists Street Team Gallery mademoiselle G Dan Hillbilly Artist - H. Hinkle Cinnaber groovyinclinations Rukshana Hooda Michael Koontz Illusio catbirdseatstudio Pieces of Prehistory A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein sojournquilts Nyela JoTee MinervasMadness MYSTIC SILKS Jennifer Gibbs Rupa Sue Bryan 184 more
Saint Louis Watercolor Society Jane H Rosie Phillips


The art works of Linda Hammelman can be considered as astounding and fantastic for the fresh and innovative approach she makes in interpreting the beauty of nature at its best. Her colors are scintillating and her style is simply captivating in its simplicity and beauty. She reminds us of the great impressionistic work of the 19th century. The writer highly recommends her works of arts to serious art buyers.

Blog of Linda Hammelman -
Paintings In Watercolor

Etsy Shop- Linda Hammelman

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