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Sadia Hussain- Upcoming Contemporary Artist


Shades of Earth


Million Pieces

Metal Fever


Dark Secrets


Hidden Treasure

Fall Dance

Copy of Wind

All That Glitters

Medley of Hues

Sadia Hussain


My art revolves around four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

is one of the four classical elements , which represents the realms of the cosmos wherein all things exist and whereof all things consist. The diversified landscapes along with their multitude of layers; colors , the components comprising it , the environment that swathes and enfolds it and the forces affecting it. This will be an extensive theme which I will portray through my Digital Abstract Art. I will begin with the "Hues Of Earth", wherein the Medley Of Hues begins to unfold.

Air is often seen as a universal power or pure substance. An element connected to the soul and the breath of life. The colors of Air are the colors of spring, bright sky blue, the white of wispy clouds and the yellow of the rising sun. It is also the gentle summer breeze and wind that can turn destructive. In my Graphic Designs the various colors and properties of air are depicted along with it's power to create and destroy life.

Fire is commonly associated with energy, assertiveness and passion. An active force that has passion to create and animate things. When on one hand it provides comfort on the other it's flames are capable of total destruction. Employing Digital techniques I will depict it's occurrence , it's containment , it's flickering and flashing into a blaze revealing it's supremacy.

Water is one of the most vital elements of life. Its occurrence, be it in the form of springs or oceans, rain, rivers or streams; its significance cannot be overlooked.
In my graphic designs I have projected its infinite vastness, motion and beauty, not forgetting how crucial it is for our very existence.


Digital Abstract Art most commonly refers to art created on a computer in digital form. It can be purely computer generated such as fractals, and algorithmic art or taken from another source such as scanned photographs or images drawn using vector graphics software. The Digital graphic designs that I have created so far have been constructed using mostly my original paintings of landscapes, to which I have incorporated digital imagery creating multilayer ed , textured abstract images. The hues and colors reflected are mostly the one's I originally started with, improvising on tones where needed. In some I have made use of scanned images and photographs pasting them to create custom effects and a more realistic picture pulsing with life. There are several advantages attached to Digital abstract art. Using high resolution high quality images can be printed. There are no concerns about the paint drying up or clean up. Errors made are easy to rectify and storage and inventory costs are eliminated. In short we can say that in employing digital techniques one can let imagination run wild producing effects which are often surprising.

When painting conventional art I use Acrylic paints which are made from pigment that has been suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion. Extremely versatile, fast drying and can be used straight from the tube or thinned with water and used like watercolors. The amount of drying time can be altered with the aid of extenders or retarders making it possible to blend colors more easily. Once dried they are also highly resistant to water which helps protect and preserve the final piece.



Seven years ago my nine year old daughter and I decided to brighten up our kitchen by adding a mural; she left soon after while I completed my first painting. The result sparked an unrecognized awareness and what commenced as a hobby soon developed into my passion. With the aid of Acrylics I enjoy capturing the vibrant hues found in landscapes and seascapes .

Digital Art is where I contour these thoughts to design abstract images; the results are often surprising more like exploring a whole new world shown through my blog "Medley of Hues" at

Am blessed with a family who have always supported me in my pursuits. My special gratitude to both my parents who have been a great motivating factor in achieving those pursuits.


Sadia Hussain's art is best described as digital abstract art. It is computer generated. Her art form is best described by herself in her explanation above.

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