Friday, July 16, 2010

Tommy Thompson- Upcoming Contemporary Artist

Purple Cottage - Oil on Canvas - 11" x 14" - $ 500.00 USD

Harpeth River Snag - Oil on Panel - 11" x 14" - $ 500.00 USD

Feeding The Ducks - Oil on Canvas - 10" x 20" - $ 950.00 USD

Vinalhaven Island, Maine - Oil on Canvas 48" x 60" - $ 8,495.00 USD

Old Lyme, CT Farm - Oil on Canvas - 9" x 12" - $ 550.00 USD

Natchez Trace Vista - Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - $ 2,400.00 USD

Blue Heron on Radnor Lake - Oil on Canvas - 16" x 20" - $ 1,250.00 USD- Sold

Reflections on Radnor - Oil on Canvas- 12" x 24" - $ 1,200.00 USD

Leiper's Fork Country- Oil on Canvas- 11" x 14" - $ 600.00 USD

Preserving Bell's Bend- Oil on Canvas- 20" x 24"- $ 1,500.00 USD

Afternoon Hunt - Oil on Canvas- 10" x 20" - $ 950.00 USD

Tuckered Out - Oil on Canvas - 11" x 14" - $ 600.00 USD

Hidden Barn - Oil on Panel - 8" x 10" - $ 500.00 USD

Harpeth at Fulton Greer Park- Oil on Panel - 11" x 14"-
$ 600.00 USD

Southern Light - Oil - 18" x 24" - $ 1,400.00 USD - On Hold

Tommy Thompson at work in his canvas

The children of Tommy Thompson ( I presume)

Personal Profile

Tommy Thompson

About Me

Although I have 30+ years of experience as an illustrator, I prefer painting traditional landscapes and portraits in oil. I have studied under master portrait artists, Daniel Greene, Michael Shane Neal, and Dawn Whitelaw. My experience in landscape painting has been enhanced through study with Ken Auster, Kenn Backhaus, Roger Dale Brown, John Budicin, Scott Christensen, Paula Frizbe, Kevin Macpherson, Ned Mueller, and Jason Saunders. To broaden my knowledge and skills in art, I have studied the works and writings of John F. Carlson, Charles Hawthorne, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Frank LaLumia, Edgar Payne, John Singer Sargent, Richard Schmid, and Andrew Wyeth. I participated in Kevin Macpherson´s "En Plein Air Masters Chateau des Arts Mentor Series," in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 2007. I am represented by Local Color Gallery, Nashville, TN; Loblolly Interior Market, Columbia, TN; and Willis-Gray Gallery, Decatur, Alabama. I belong to the Oil Painters of America, Landscape Artists International, the Portrait Society of America, the Alabama Plein Air Painters, and the Chestnut Group, a nonprofit alliance of landscape artists, Franklin, TN.

His Blog- Paintings Under The Sun


I have never seen a prolific and compleat contemporary artists such as Tommy Thompson. With so much fantastic works of art that he churned out all these years, you can not help but be amazed at the greatness of his works which spread out to all kinds of classification. I have featured just a scratch on the surface of his marvelous works which I shall surely feature again in some future time. Although his artworks are quite expensive as compared to other upcoming contemporary artists, they are worth all the money that the art lover will pay for his exquisite and fine works of arts. His art works are a must buy to all serious art lovers and collectors.

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