Monday, June 13, 2011

How I Miss Her

How I Miss Her

It's been five years since you have gone to work in America
We have to sacrifice for the future of the kids
In those five long years so many things have happened
in my life
I almost died two years ago because of severe scoliosis
in my lower back
Our house was swept by rampaging flash flood
destroying most of our belongings
I have to be the father and mother of the kids and watch
them grow to young adulthood
But in all those years I missed you terribly
When I was drowning in trials and problems
how I wished you were with me in those difficult times
I found myself calling your name at night, missing
you so much and I would cry myself to sleep
I may never see you again as I feel the pangs of death
hanging over my head
Whatever life has in store for us, just remember that I have
always love you and has always been faithful to you
As I constantly listen to your favorite song you used to sing
I can't help but cry because of the loneliness gnawing deep inside
I will never love again as much as I have loved you
That I promise you

Promise Me - Beverley Craven

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