Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tomas Karkalas - Upcoming Contemporary Artist

Tomas Karkalas

Tomas Karkalas, 53, male from Klaipeda, Lithuania, born in 1955.

Foreword - (Quoted verbatim from his own foreword) - The depth of steps we have in life is defined by our love one to another.

There are great difference between art therapy and the life of art showrooms, yet the pictures look alike- only names of the artists radiate other authority. I'm not going to discuss the above riddle or to dive into specializations, just welcome you to the wonderland of beauty. The blog don't discuss the healing problems but depicts the art therapy from the viewpoint of its participants. I welcome you to glimpse at our diaries. We are sharing not some manuals but the gratitude for the light that warms the hearts of us all. (Quoted verbatim from his own foreword)


Tomas Karkalas' works fall under a different category than the usual art paintings. His work is what he calls art therapy and is more of an expression of the soul. Art here is taken in the context of a healing therapy that embodies the holistic approach to human expression. His works are not only works of art but longings of one's soul to find expressions and freedom in the art form. His works are neither named (although some of them are) nor formally categorized (categories are by human experience) and he uses different materials in his works of art. The colors of his works are so vibrant and expressive. They burst forth in a cascading landscape of both colors and free form. There is no limit to this kind of art form for who can limit the expression of one's soul as it attains mastery over its fragile body through the art of healing therapy?

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