Sunday, August 17, 2008

Timeless Masterpieces of The Great Masters - Goya

The Clothed Maja (1803)

The Third of May 1808 (1814)

Saturn Devouring His Son (1819)

The Family of Charles IV (1800)

Goya - Self Portrait

Francisco Goya (March 30, 1746- April 16, 1828) was an Aragonese Spanish painter and printmaker. Goya was a court painter to the Spanish Crown and a chronicler of history. He has been regarded both as the last of the Old Masters and as the first of the moderns. The subversive and subjective element in his art, as well as his bold handling of paint, provided a model for the work of later generations of artists, notably Manet and Picasso.

Goya left Spain in May 1824 for Bordeuax, where he settled, and Paris. He returned to Spain in 1826, but despite a warm welcome, he returned to Bordeaux in ill health where he died in 1828 at the age of 82.

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