Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bonnie Murray- Upcoming Contemporary Artist

Miss Beth and Margaret Anne 3 (Monotype of Boats) $ 55.00 USD

Icy Surprise (Hand-Pulled Monotype) $ 50.00 USD

Gatun 1 (Hand-Pulled Monotype of Stucco Building on Panama Canal) $ 60.00 USD

Working Boat 1 (Hand-Pulled Monotype of Boat in Florida) $ 60.00 USD

Lucky Me 1 (Hand-Pulled Monotype of Fishing Boat in Mt. Holly, VA) $ 60.00 USD

Glider on the Rappahannock 1 (Hand-Pulled Monotype of Dramatic Sunset on River) $ 60.00 USD

Skimmer on the Pier 7 (Hand-Pulled Monotype of Labrador Running on Dock) $ 60.00 USD

Moonrise at Cat Point Creek 1 (Hand-Pulled Monotype of Seascape) $ 60.00 USD

Nomini Grove Grainery 8 (Monotype of Grain Elevator) $ 60.00 USD

Abandoned Grainery 1 (Hand-Pulled Monotype of Decaying Totusky Grain Elevator in VA) $ 60.00 USD

Hyacinth Bean (Hand-Pulled Monotype of Pink Flower with Expressive Foliage) $ 40.00 USD

Sunrise at Naylors (Hand-Pulled Monotype of Northern Neck VA Seascape) $ 60.00 USD

Snow Covered Pier on the Nomini 2 (Original Oil of Northern Neck Virginia) - $ 75.00 USD

Summer Morning at the Crab Place (Oil of VA Seascape) $ 125.00 USD

Snow Covered Trees at Nomini Hall Farm 1 (Original Oil) - $ 125.00 USD

An Open Door (Original Oil Close-up of Grainery inVA) $ 75.00 USD

Nomini Grove Grainery 8 (Monotype of Grain Elevator) $ 60.00 USD

Personal Profile


Over thirty years ago I started my exploration of techniques and use of color both in printmaking and in painting. While first at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and then at Washington University in St. Louis I learned printmaking techniques including lithography, block printing and etching and was later introduced to collagraphy. Coupled with an intensive curiosity about the printmaking techniques came a great interest in exploring spatial relationships and volume with my oil painting work.

Using the technique of monotype is truly rewarding since it combines my love of painting and printmaking. I start out with a drawing and place it under a piece of plexiglass. Then I paint the plexiglass using the drawing as my guide. Finally, a piece of dampened paper is placed over the painted surface and is run through the press. Because this process is so spontaneous I never really know what to expect. Often I am pleasantly surprised. Other times I may have to tweak the piece a bit with some watercolor washes.

My approach to collagraphs is entirely different. I don’t know anyone creating collagraphs in the same way. I have been modifying my process for thirty years and continue finding new ways to do things. The process is quite involved. Here is the basic gist. Once I come up with a design I transfer that drawing to my first plate, usually illustration board. Then a collage is created within the design gluing various textures to the plate. The plate is then inked with black ink, wiped, and a dampened piece of paper is placed on the plate and it is run through the press. The next step is to create a second plate onto which I glue canvas and transfer the same design. I mix my colors and cover the entire plate by rubbing the ink into the canvas with tarlatan (tarlatan is a strong, absorbent cloth). I place the black and white on the press and carefully place (register) the color plate on top and then run that through the press. Most recently I have been printing the color twice on each print to achieve the richness in color I seek. This is more work, but is usually worth the extra time. With the print work complete, I often do a bit of hand coloring since registration is not always perfect.

Over the past 15 years I have exhibited my work in numerous major cities and am included in many corporate collections. A sampling of the corporations that have purchased my work include: Allied Signal Corp., Cigna, Citicorp, Marriott Corp. and PepsiCo, Inc.

I am a proud member of the PRINTSY TEAM (etsy printmaking group). You can read my recent interview here

To read more about my background and my techniques please take a look at my latest interview -

Feedback from happy customers can be found here:




Bonnie Murray is another upcoming contemporary artist trying to make a name for herself in the rarefied artistic world of art noveau and other contemporary art forms. She has an exciting style depicting landscapes and seascapes. Her art works are a must buy for all serious art buyers.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Tom Brown- Upcoming Contemporary Artist

Grand Canyon Colors- 12" x 16" - Original Oil Painting

The Colors of Nature - 6" x 8" - Plein Air Painting

Colorful Gray Day - 6" x 8" - Plein Air Painting

Edge Of The Meadow - 5" x 7" - Original Oil Painting

A Moment To Remember- 6" x 8" - Original Plein Air Oil Painting

Rose's Rose Garden- 5" x 7" - Original Oil Painting - SOLD

An Endless View- 5" x 7" - Palette Knife Painting

A Grand View- 5" x 7" - Palette Knife Oil Painting

Pier Group- 16" x 8"- Original Oil Painting- SOLD

Dancing In The Breeze- 6" x 8"- Plein Air Oil Painting

A Peaceful Afternoon- 6" x 8"- Plein Air Painting

The Hills Are Alive - 6" x 8" - Plein Air Landscape

Tom Brown

Tom Brown

About Me

I am an American artist and I host a TV Art Instruction show where I teach studio oil painting and plein air painting in the Impressionist style. I also teach other artists how to paint through oil painting workshops and art instruction CDs and DVDs. My Impressionist plein air landscapes, still life compositions, portraits and figure paintings have been represented through prominent galleries for more than 20 years. My paintings are in corporate collections including the City of Irvine, Sears, Standard Oil, and Coca Cola. My work is often seen in leading art publications like Southwest Art, Art & Antiques, American Art Review, American Art Collector, Art Calendar and others. I am a former president of the Orange Art Association and past member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association and Southern California Plein Air Painters Association. On my Daily Painter blog I offer affordable small original oil paintings to introduce my work to new and ongoing collectors. Much of my work these days is done on a private commission basis, and I welcome inquiries. Thanks for looking.

My Blogs

1. Tom Brown Fine Art

2. Palette Knife Painters- Members - Laurie Pace Ann Gorbett Tammy Hext Kimberly Conrad Filomena de Andrade Booth Natasha's Art Nithya Swaminathan Roxanne Steed Allison McEvers Pratt Karla Nolan Nancy Medina Maria Noonan-McDermott Judy Mackey Monica Burnette Niki Gulley Carrie Jacobson Leslie Saeta


Tom Brown is an accomplished painter who is already well known in the mainstream art center of the United States. His works are a reflection of the artist love for nature as evidenced by his works. He teaches others the fine art of paining in different styles such as plein air and palette knife as well as the traditional oil paintings. His works of arts have already adorned the walls of big companies in the United States.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Marian Fortunati- Upcoming Contemporary Artist


Up Red Rooster Road- 8" x 16" - Oil on RayMar Panel

Three Sisters

Summer Storm- 11" x 14" - Oil on Linen Panel

Regal- 10" x 8" - On Canvas Panel


Near Eagle Rock- 8" x 10" - Oil On RayMar Canvas

Morning Ride- 10" x 8" - On RayMar Panel

Little Surfer Girl

Laundry Day

Las Virgenes Barn

La Strada

In The Zone- 12" x 9" - Oil on Wood Panel

California Colors - 12" x 16" - Oil on RayMar Panel

Caballero Canyon

Marian Fortunati

Marian Fortunati

About Me

Thanks for stopping by. I wanted the blog to be a place for sharing my paintings, ideas about my art, family and life in general. Friends, collectors, artists, former students or anyone else is encouraged to join in. It's amazing how the internet has made our world smaller yet larger. ENJOY! I am a member of the California Art Club, Oil Painters of America, Women Painters West, The San Fernando Valley Art Club and the Valley Artists Guild.


My Blogs

Team Members

Daily Painters International Art Gallery Wit's End Studio Gerald Schwartz Claudia Hammer a Painting a day Nancy Eckels Donna MacDonald A.K.Ard Mary Jinghua Gao Dalia Joelle Levallet-Feldman Carol Engles Usha Charlotte Yealey Susan E. Roden Nancy Goldman Barbara Fox Rusty Tatiana Myers Nita Leger Casey Jenna Claire Beadon Carnell 71 more
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On Painting Daily by Marian Fortunati

Blog by Marian Fortunati

On Painting Daily by Marian Fortunati


Seldom do I come across paintings that are so powerful and so wide ranging. The colors of her painting are so exciting and alive, you will feel that you are part of her masterpieces on canvas. She is able to capture the intrinsic magic of nature and transfer them on canvas for all her readers and art patrons to appreciate. Her works are a must buy for all serious art lovers.

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