Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maeve Wright - Upcoming Contemporary Artist

City Dignitary

Tropical Orange and Green

City Buildings

Painted House

The History of Town Planning

The Cut

Provincial Village

Waiting For God

Four Nice Girls of the Garden

The Spider on the Fence

Bright Cathedral

Pantomine Palaces

Rainbow Shack

Leaning Green Blues

Three Daffodils

Escher's Citadel


Rainbow Fragment

Trees Through a Church Window

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Maeve Wright

Nottingham UK

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my gallery.
I hope you will enjoy viewing my work. Please feel free to contact me with any comments you may have about it.
All the artworks are available for sale (unless it says the work has been sold in the description).
If you wish to purchase my work, please visit my website or email me from the links at the top of the page
All of my art work is dispatched unmounted and unframed

Limited edition prints of my work are available. Please visit my shop at etsy.

My artwork is inspired by realistic subjects which I then abstract or stylise. I particularly enjoy using buildings and plants. I may use photos or my drawings-often computer drawn ones- as a basis, but will then change the colours and add details from imagination or memory, or simply just use the latter to construct a picture. I love taking a quick glance at a scene and simplifying what is in reality very complicated, often by placing a mental "frame" around it -a skill etched on my memory from City and Guilds Embroidery courses. I also enjoy making fantasy artwork, again from my imagination or what is my idea of characters from myth, legend and stories.

I work mainly in watercolour-paint and pencil, felt and gel pens, coloured pencils, inks. I sometimes add texture in the form of a magazine cutting, or other papers or threads/fabric etc. My cats enjoy my art and will help by drinking excess paint flavoured water, sitting on a painting to keep it warm, and grabbing my hand or brush to just make a mark where they see fit. I don't think anyone buying my work would want a subtle cat-hair texture however, so I carefully remove this before offering it for sale!

I would like people to enjoy my art in the sense of seeing a different way of viewing things, and experiencing hopefully the atmosphere and mood that I'm trying to convey.

Maeve Wright 2007

Her Etsy Shop

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jean Levert Hood - Upcoming Contemporary Artist

Landscape - Original Oil Painting

Poppies - Original Oil Painting

Single Iris - Original Watercolor Painting

Twilight Landscape - Oil Painting

Lavender Fields in Fall - Original Oil Painting

Purple Cenizo - Original Oil Painting

Echinea - Original Oil Painting

Heron Orange Long Legs - Original Watercolor Painting

Through The Trees - Original Watercolor Painting

Fall Aspens

Jean Levert Hood- Great Artist and Photographer

Jean Levert Hood

Texas Hill Country Painter

I paint with bold, clean strokes, thick with rich, sometimes surprising, colors that express what I see and feel when painting. My hope is that in the end I have engaged the emotions those who view my work.

I begin long before I pick up my brushes using design and composition principles to outline the work. I then paint with abandon and joy. The resulting work shows my personal application of impressionism with a minimalist quality.

Often inspiration comes from what I see walking on my ranch on the historically rich, brushy edge of the Texas Hill Country. Here daily, I encounter constant contrasts and variety in texture and color - the dichotomy of harmony and discord; lushness and barrenness; serenity and energy.

My challenge is to show the complexity of creation by painting intimate, personal portraits of nature. Whether choosing a landscape or still life, close observation reveals the ordinary as extraordinary.

Please visit my Art blog for weekly updates on my work and life around the Texas Hill Country.

Please contact me via email at:

Or by U.S. Mail at:
Jean Levert Hood
P.O. Box 1740
Brackettville, Tx 78832


Jean Levert Hood describes best her artwork- they show her personal application of impressionism with minimalist quality. Her artworks can be considered extra ordinary for its tones, vibrant colors and creative spirit. She reaches out with her heart and soul each time she paints and it seems that she is always teeming with inspiration. Her range of subject is so diverse that it seems that she learned to commune with nature at its deepest level. Her impressionist paintings are incredible and brings to memory the masterpieces of the impressionist masters of the past like- Renoir, Monet, Cezanne and others. Truly her works are a delight to behold. I highly recommend her works of art which are still very affordable.

You can contact her through:

1. Her Blog - Jean Levert Hood- Texas Hill Country Painter

2. Her Etsy Shop - JeanHood shop

3. Her Website

and at:

Jean Levert Hood, Fine Art Studio
Box 1740, Hwy 90 E
Brackettville, Texas 78832

Vevilu Gallery

507 East Gibbs
Del Rio Texas 78840

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